In this episode we’re joined by Jackie Castro-Cooper, the author of “The Power Of Self-Care, Self-Love, A Physical Therapist’s Guide To Evolving Into Your Higher Self”.

Jackie is one of the first holistic physical therapists in the US, specializing in John F Barnes MFR and tailors her approaches to fit the needs of her clients. Jackie supports those seeking to combine both evidence-based research and spiritual healing practices.Jackie is a long time board member of STEPS Coalition focused on the needs of the underserved. She is a volunteer for CureMSD, a nonprofit that is seeking to eradicate this disease that takes the lives of children before the age of ten. She is also the founder of, The Alliance for the Education of Undocumented Youth that supports DREAMERS. Jackie has been featured in Gulf Coast Woman Magazine, WLOX, and the Dr. Liana Show.

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Clubhouse: @jackiecastrocoo

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