In this episode Clément talks to Bergina Isbell, MD, a Board Certified Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic trained Psychiatrist, podcast host, speaker and best-selling author of multiple books. She believes there is a cure for cancer of the soul and has been recognized for her treatment of patients with trauma, depression, and special needs, including autism.

She is co-host of The Hope Infusion podcast and founder of Led Life, LLC, a mental health consulting and corporate wellness practice.

This episode is packed with fascinating insights about the world of psychiatry, the mental health epidemic sweeping across the United States and the rest of the world, how to talk about your mental health and most importantly how to get help.

Connect with Dr. Bergina Isbell here:

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Get her books here:Victory Over Depression With And Without Medicines
Come to the Table: A Devotional for Caregivers and Families of Children with Special Needs

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