In today’s episode, we’re talking with Dr. Rao Kolusu, an incredible human being with 40 years of clinical internal medicine experience, mixed with an intimate knowledge of ancient yoga and Ayurveda. He’s now looking to bring this extensive expertise to help organizations around the world to achieve true wellness and prevent burnout.  Dr. Kolusu offers non-invasive, pragmatic changes to lifestyle to increase bodily vitality, awareness of the mind, improved alertness, and increased joy.  

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Episode 31:

Clément: [00:02:04] Hello, and welcome to another episode of unleashed love. My name is Clément young and I’m your host today. I’ve got a very special episode. I’m talking with Dr. Roa Kolusu, an incredible human being with 40 years of clinical internal medicine. Experience mixed with an intimate knowledge of ancient yoga and Ayurveda. He’s now looking to bring this extensive expertise to help organizations around the world to achieve true wellness and prevent burnout. Dr. offers non-invasive pragmatic changes to lifestyle to increase bodily vitality. Wellness of the mind improved alertness and increased joy. If you liked this episode, please do leave a rating and review on the apple podcast platform. Every single one we get helps us reach more people. Now I bring you Dr. Calusa.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:03:14] as a physician, I was trained in allopathic medicine, right? That means that we learn about the diseases with what went wrong and diagnosed. And then we bring in the therapists that were trained and then give them the medications and they’re supposed to get better. The problem was we are good kid, the whole person with only external things without really taking it. What kind of mind he has? What kind of feelings he has, what kind of experiences he had, how he is going to take them, some people may take the medications. Some people may need more than back, to understanding that experiences involve that, and then.

If anybody is pursuing this happiness to get from outside, I gone make money. I go and make a name for myself. Are I have a status that we pursue happiness, right? But actually, we are pursuing things to give us pleasure. And that doesn’t last, even if you’re how so much money, so much frame like a Robin Williams, he was a famous comedian.

I allowed his guarantee and suddenly he comes to set. That does an example of saying, okay, this lifestyle that we were set to believe in are not enough, and people are feeling empty inside and then die. And then my yoga practice said something is that onboarding go study right in the study somewhere.

They said in should yogis did know for sure happened. As they discovered this from within. And then they marched the life with tremendous attunements in art music, literature, sculpture, you name it. They had tremendous creativity. And also they were in flow when they were doing these things. The quality was very high.

That was one thing. So I wanted to find out what was that, that they were able to go in and find out and then establishing that. And then what could we, the psychological independence of anything. Contended I would full food and there were a form, the farm then of happiness there. So what does that surprise surprises?

It is there everybody? I think it’s do a discount on that with so many zaps, so many fundamental things you have to be in this little gym. You have to have, once you have this guard, you have to do these things. The none of it, actually our misunderstanding of how humans work is the group calls up.

Now we don’t understand like you is we have the body, we have the mind we’re on the Target’s emotions. Everything happened. And the hustle, we have somebody who is experiences, body explaining this stock. Pat is the real us that witnesses darts are happening to you. You are not the talks that some position was.

We are the tars and a garden. The tars were an interface like this personality, these particular tars, we have this particular way of mindset and all that, just to take a breath and then just to ask himself, am I this morning? Yeah, I, how the body, but me having the board and then me having the darts, who is that me?

That is who are they currently inside and stayed with that one by one, one by one. Finally, it is smart. The analytical mind that discourse. You feel it, you are alive. You feel that life force it in you, you don’t have to name it and describe it and analyze it. That’s the mistake we were doing. We are, everything is intellectual.

Everything we can find. Okay, you can do everything outside science can object, divide things and study them and make a theory, test it and give it out doors as a tool, as a technology. That’s all fine. Externally, we go with intellect, and we study, we learn the software. Our own firsthand experience is not analysis.

It’s my experience. I feel so don’t know who you are or you want to feel it in tutoring. And then establishing that, induce that once you are there, then you say, okay, car start coming to me, but I can follow this time. And do what they want to do with it are I can let you go. That is basically meditation.

In nutshell, don’t find the thoughts. Don’t resist them. Bark. Don’t indulge in them to all the time.

Clément: [00:08:29] You said something about us being a very I think you were alluding to us being obsessed with the intellectual, which. That makes sense, because we’re very much left brained species at the moment. I was listening to an art conversation between, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Dr.

Jordan Peterson. I was listening to a conversation between him and a friend, a philosopher that he knows, and they were discussing the work of his friend studies, the has studied for a large part of his life, the consciousness, what is consciousness? How can you describe it? W how would you tell someone how to recreate, that the same situations where consciousness is prevalent where you can actually really recognize it for what it is.

And it was a fascinating conversation. I’m not going to butcher it because I’m probably, I can’t recreate it the way that he did, but. Essentially, like I said, right now, it feels like we’re very left brain in the sense that we see everything external. And we like to measure things against, very conceptual kind of construct we’ve neglected the right brain, which is the very kind of, like you’re saying the very flow consciousness, in tune with yourself,

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:09:54] you is too important or is that climate one is measure and the risk concept.

Okay aren’t, we are that feel off here. The life force is not measurable. It is something immeasurable. It is in us outside too. I would say breathing that life force, then I lie. If the bleeding staffs declared that we going to use that life force that is coming, is that visible to me? Can I feel it?

Can I grasp it? Can I measure it now? So that is the fundamental mistake we are making in consciousness is something unmeasurable we want to measure, and that’s to make it concept and follow that cancer. It’s not conceptual thinking. Thinking is also, I would say that art is in the consciousness.

Consciousness is not in the thinking is in the consciousness. You are a human being. You don’t have to read any books. You don’t have to follow. Anybody’s thinking feel by yourself right here and not who you are, be your feelings, or somebody has to tell you, this is the concept. If I tell you collaborate is a such and such in describing you may not be that concept at all.

You might say I maybe that yesterday, but today I’m not, you were angry yesterday, and that was your state of mind. You experienced it. And you may have had a moment of suffering where, what actual feeling experience is gone. You can be angry today, but suppose you are angry with me and I take a conceptual impression of your, and then walk away tomorrow.

You may be regretting that you may not be angry anymore. You may be more friendly, are trying to reconcile a relationship. But if I carry the concept, I’m not meeting you and meeting my mind made concept. That’s what we do in relationship with everything we have this personality persona means the mask.

That is me and have taught me equal. And we identify that there are, other than who we are inside is the human being, where you are so much from the being aspect into doing and conceptualizing and making it a good thing I’ve done taught part has a split in doing things mechanical. Suppose I don’t know how to say John, the computer to put my speaker son.

I cannot communicate with you. So I have to have that now. That is all fine, but how that knowledge is yours, if the problem,

Clément: [00:12:50] based on what you were discussing there, I also do. I think that we, if we were only to recognize the importance of giving someone the benefit of the doubt that maybe they’re not the person they were when we first met them, or when we last met them, it’s almost like a mechanism like a primal mechanism.

You identify this as good or as bad it’s useful. It’s not useful. And you remember, so that next time you don’t have to worry about that anymore, or you avoid that because it’s dangerous. And so we build up these kinds of ways of categorizing the, whatever we experience in the world. But when it comes to people, when it comes through very complex and ever shifting personalities, and, I do think we, we are in a position where we have to ask ourselves, can this person be.

Something else. Can they be something more

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:13:51] right. Comes from that already that see what it is. It, you essentially human being first, then you, it, you got to degree, whatever you pick here, me human being first. Then I got the MD. What would be good is I have, but I shouldn’t be equally as a doctor to you. I am a human being.

You are the human be in that mess off what we are. We have everything else to be different. I’m a very different culture. I’m a very different language. I may have different skin color. I may how money differently. All those things are different, but what the problem is, I never got ourselves with what we accumulator than what we are.

All I have to do is switch that. And meet you like my patients, for example, different colors. People come right, different age groups, different genders, different countries, all people come to me and different age groups. So I like to relate to them as the human being first, then you can relate to me as another human being may have professional knowledge about the diseases and all that, but first it wouldn’t be my challenges come though that level and to lead with you as a human being, that means you have fears, you have sorrows, you have experiences and understand how they feel.

The moment you come to the clever you last time to me, because we are common. That is the one we forgot as a civilization because we bricked up these images in relationship are drawing things that okay. But when it comes still human being, feeling fostering experience that is the one that that is difficult for people because they established themselves being equal and they’re starting to be skilled and good personality.

They’re established with the personality, their likes and dislikes. And I love that. Do you know that the problem with that is it divided us, divided our societies, divided our countries, divided us as a people and do order us as these are like-minded people. These are not. So we are relating in a way that’s not really produced at anything in so many words.

So when two islands take from house to society, to countries, to the world, the sea conflict countries, I think somebody said 130 million people died in a 20th century because of this division. This division breeds like German center. At one time, we are the superior people that everyday, since March. So there’s Kyla the same manager to continuous in some way or in other places too.

Like for example, this police killings, all the black people, not. They identified, these people are dangerous. And then they have that image of some people maybe, but not all of them. But the excess has happened when that operating from the image, not with the human being and forgotten. So if I may, and I saw something like a, they were sitting on his throat and then I knew it murdered his one today because three minutes is enough to choke somebody.

If you don’t have accident to the brain the very little day. So for us, I know somebody is a cardiac arrest and they call us to come and rewire them. We run because we’re only two or three minutes late. They have to go there where I go open his shirt and pump his heart and all those things. But we run because we know how quickly human life can be extinguished.

Yeah. If that police person has that human being in his mind, and it could take us through a tough time to go find that in total circumstances, he may act differently, but his full Suarez from the image, he has a more black people. So can I start turning to that database? And the writer is selling that’s it.

They don’t want to see anything that man is saying that the people who are serving safe, he just driven by his own conceptual thing. That’s domination. I’ve left problem. It

Clément: [00:18:25] is a, it’s a huge issue to divisiveness today. How would you say that America is different from the rest of the world in politically, socially right now, because I’m looking at it from a long distance away and the problems that the America have are very different from the problems that maybe, other countries around the world have.

Yeah. So being there as a foreign, as someone who was born in another country, I would imagine living there.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:18:53] Yeah, I was born in India 1955, actually. I don’t know, six to six, but I lived up until 1981 in India. Then I came here. So since I have been in just stares, but I go out and visit India last day was 2010.

I think. My thing is not confined to any political country anymore. I’m truly global in the sense. I don’t have any association to anybody because I see the whole group that is perspective of this understanding. Inevitably they will come to when they see the superficial differences, but America is an experiment in humanity.

Where, if you go back and see how it was formed, people who are resected fulfilled or going to persecution, and people didn’t want to be an NGS lead prosecutor, they queue, and then they’d bring into an experiment where people can come and realize that potential in America, that is there. You have the chance to really grow into something very much that system is exa well only thing is that divisional, this left-hand thinking I drove the ball that is rampant in the people that can make a difference, like a politicians, the policy makers, look at what happened in 1960s and seventies.

They made a policy of integration, lot camp, but indignation in consciousness was not that. People had a lot, but in that hearts and hearts, they did not go away is the defensiveness because it’s identification. And our this particular estate, our political society that I can forget this American really needed.

That means you are due visiting with other people. We are new, I suppose I’m saying I’m only India, Indian autism, then I’m dividing everybody else. I can say Indians. So that’s why I am happy with this because it gives me the opportunity to really discolored my potential. It’s so

Clément: [00:21:16] hard to communicate that to someone who hasn’t had the chance to travel.

Because unlike I feel privileged that I have had the chance to travel. I’m sure you feel privileged to and it’s, but it’s so important because it changes the way you understand our species, because we have different cultures and different ethnicities and different ways of life. You don’t know that until you see it, you can read it in a book or you can watch it on TV, but it doesn’t become real until you’re there.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:21:48] Yeah, that’s where he drove. And I was in a small dorm in India. I remember really clearly when I was six or seven, eight, or I was I went to the edge of my street. And go to a different city and the housing rules. So you, to me, I was scared. I don’t know. I have to go like my, again, I had to retest my stats and come to the

Then I was comfortable. I came back, but then I was in India up until I was completing my medical degree. So a lot of us studying. So we did travel even in India, all over. We went to Capitola for our state because my sisters were there. So visit them with Rico, but let’s start slowly.  that’s up that much.

Then suddenly I come to Chicago, the whole thing is opened up. But then when you go to travel places, it may not open you unless you’re open to the culture, to the people. So I visited this the one who is, it was 85 or white lady, Mrs. , but she is a German, but she was in America. So she took me to her house and all that.

Then I was introduced to American culture through living with that, then you appreciate, or do you know what there were people were there in India, heartful friendly consenting and all that. These two people who are like that said Mr. And Mrs. West. So they act separately. They enrichment to that home.

Gave me a lot of value, gave me wonderful hospitality. But when I went out, I discovered so much. So much division in people in Chicago. I was in buckler, just a really nice suburb. I think that’s very good as well. So sorry. I was in there just to people and I’m up there, but then I turned to the hospital.

Then this core, all this black people, all this really poor people are not. So I was exposed to cultures unless you are really paying attention to what is happened. Literally, if you just visiting and having fun and going, or doesn’t make a difference. But now you see how we traveled to the internet. The club house you may be right now at the moment, right?

Yes. I see you out in UK. I’m here.  so it’s a wonderful thing that we are able to meet through the internet on the  clubhouse. I love that because everybody I can talk to are there are meals to really get people together. But the thing is you are the receive consciousness that was bred from school to house, to society that makes you so interested in that to break out of this.

Okay. So

Clément: [00:25:05] here’s a question to you. How does the normal average working man or woman become self-aware and. Elevate their consciousness to a higher frequency. When I say that, we mean become somewhat less obsessed with the external, less divisive, less superficial. How does one do that?

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:25:36] Yeah. All you do is, am I just thinking, are my, this human being behind the thinking?

If you can realize just that batch, then you are, this will lead you to places where you discover lots of things you aren’t missing. Otherwise you are planted in the thinking in the things that you think are correct. And this is the only way, and you will push you there. So just realize I’m not just this body mind oddly, but I am the directness behind it.

As a human being, if you’re Robin, as you are not a B, lotta people are neurotically any trench in that thinking. So Alia really is. Am I to the nature who is Malik? Do I see it to enjoy the sunrise? Do I enjoy the sunset? Am I going to animals? Am I going to throw the intruder? Am I going to the other people as people, not as anything else?

And if you start with the small things, you would find out yourself yeah, I’m thinking of these things, which are not real all the time. They would’ve gone. So I have a really simple solution. People can go present moment and that mess.

Clément: [00:26:59] Yeah. Yeah. When I listened to you talk about it. And I did study a little bit of the Ayurvedic medicine when I was younger, I went to university and I studied natural.

And they did talk about how your Vedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. And it very much is very basic view of the human being. And it’s not a hyper conceptualizing things. And when I was listening to you, explain it, there was a part of me that was thinking I can understand how silly that sounds, to think of these small insignificant things like a sunset or the air and how it smells and the trees and, to, to some people that might sound silly, but I’m a very fully aware, it’s not silly.

I’m actually. It is fascinating how, when you’re able to let go of the need for complexity, that things that are to start working out,

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:28:08] it’s fairly simple going, I am here, right? I’m looking at the teas there that wording, this leaves, which is a very beautiful green. This is the time of the spring, right?

Things are coming up and well, as for that I can discuss the newly budding leaves from the winter. Everything is bad right now. We’re just coming back. That is wonderful. If you are not building all those lion things, you are dead in your thinking. You are the same thing again and again.

So that’s why people have been going so information, not brain fog and all that because they have not living. Then just we’re getting in that dead mechanical thinking. Just the life is for example some good old Sage that you can store a lot of the word. He went to Michigan to visit his guests and they had actually him out of something is hosting.

And this lady has a house on the lake. There is a big lake there. And then on the lake, she has this house and she had been going live every day and a lake is there and she is there. She is going out her kids, if something happened that night is Moonlight, and he come send them here, talks to the river and that’s it.

Let’s go on the lake on the book. And she also does in the board with him and discuss the beauty of the Moonlight and the lake for the first time. She was literally in there for 10 years now, no other and done the league under Moonlight. Wow. So how much you are missing the best things in the world? Not free.

Clément: [00:29:57] Hi, how are you? Oh, an allopathic doctor practicing, traditional or let’s say alternative because I don’t really regard it as like alternative, but let’s just say alternative medicine.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:30:13] I don’t consider alternator because healing and Velez was the essence of intent either. It is Indian, Chinese.

Japanese is if Sheehan American Indians, the native Indians yet Australian . R like how I, you take anywhere you take insurance, they, or mean daily. Cause not only wellness. Okay. Now in the modern society, there are so many things that are done us in the society. Unknowingly probably the lifestyles that work now are good for that wellness maintenance.

On the other hand, they don’t take care of that part. What they do is if you get spoiled, are you a well to get spoiled by the access that you have, then you’ll get sick. Then the treater, yeah. Drama is something flat, agender kit, something fine. They could hospitalizations for real disease. That’s fine.

It’s the chronic diseases. What we’re doing. I have a problem with. I have not done any medications now because I understood what that wellness and living that wellness practices, not as strong be wreck while you are working sleep only it does happen, then you don’t spoil that a natural circadian rhythm.

Clément: [00:31:45] Can you explain what the circadian rhythm is? Just so that people know what we’re talking about?

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:31:49] Yeah. When you wake up in the morning, you are awake and then you go about your business. You eat because you’re hungry and then you’ll go and then you’ll work on it. And then in the night, again, system goes to sleep because it needs that restroom, all that.

And then that our methods in the body that say creative juices, digest food and make it conversion to energy and then eliminated missed. When all of these things are allowed to function as Charlie, there’s a nucleus in the body that presents and balance that is  so flowers room. Then they become, go to the dark.

Then they become the maneuver for the next life. So in our body, also lot of cells, how only certain lifestyle, obviously, if I grew up 140 days after this new thing will come up. So in your body, all the skin shirts, okay. There are so many new cells happens. So you were born six months ago is gone. Your body is completely new that you can see that, but bodies intelligence.

So Mars, if we don’t intervene with that dominant tar it function. So for example, you are awake now, then you’ll go to sleep first, you will sleep and dream and a cubit, and then you’ll have a deep sleep where you don’t even know the mind. And then you get up after that because. Because that’s not under your control your own.

If you aren’t doing makeup for three, four days afterwards, you have to sleep. Otherwise they wouldn’t be now, so that Barney intelligence has this returns whereby it goes from day to night. Mario also goes according to that, but there’s connection with the universe connection with all the stuff’s conditioned with the moon.

For example, you have any water. The percentage of the body is 70% in you. Okay. More than late attracts this water and the sun and the sea, all that inside because of the attraction to them or they come and they fall down, right? Like that you were a water is influenced by the stops. If you go and understand how you are intelligent thing, then you are messing up the system.

That’s what we did as a modern people. Why can’t you shut off your mind when you’re done with it? Like where regarding something where I am in good condition, I can use my mind and language to express what I’m feeling. But after that, you know what I do clean the slate. You know how it does that because, and I’m talking to you, I’m here.

I have a conscious, completed two to you. And I go to the next one. I’ll be like that. That means I’m not in the past. I’m not predicting future I’m the, to here and now just practicing, being conscious being of it in the moment we knew to bring in something that happened yesterday, like we are beeping about some last that we had yesterday and is not going to bring you just buy new thing, but you still want to reap about it.

That is the problem with the recurrent thing. As that becomes a habit. That’s where the on the new science coming up to read, we conduct

neuroplasticity. If you take one car, think about it unconsciously. Somebody slapped me. And then more than the slab, they insulted that you feel you go on memorizing that then they will decide yourself every time you slapping yourself. So your own unconscious thought is making that. If I said, okay, this happened, that’s gone.

I then find a good that, and then let me park into Parker. Then you have no problem. So be conscious, being aware really keeps you in the life. And that life presents is again  tubs and helps you to live. A healthy life. This is very important. Yeah. I read that because you mentioned, I read that. I think you understand what does that buzz?

There are 500 words,

Clément: [00:36:38] But by, by the way, I have it as the, is the ancient Indian medicine. Yeah.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:36:44] Yeah. I know the Assa is based on consciousness. Yoga is based on consciousness, all the hubs and all those things people know are secondary, but actually, which all these five elements of the fireworks are water, fire it’s space.

If you got rid of these five elements, you guys see a new space to say, you’ll have a, a fire metabolic and drive to keep you going. You how old that is a grasp bones and muscles and all that, and your, how that obviously goes in and you have the right, these things, they combine in a certain day and they form three biologists.

If you are those biologists, they call them those us. If the biologists are in proper order and they come from your genes, how your father and mother had those genes combine and give you those three biometric combinations, and the, currently you have a mental

And if you are balancing in those three by energies, you are in health. You are constitutionally, you are that they call programmatic nature essentially means the nature naturally, you are there, but if you do things to really play with this notion, this , then you are changing your constitution. You are set, gives you a thumb scenario.

That is what’s happening in the moral life. How many people get up and be awake all day? How many people feel sleepy and sleep at a decent hour? How many people not have this sleeping problems going on? In between? When I went to sleep, I snipped completely beautifully like a child. I remember in the hospital.

that rejuvenated me because I have quieted that in my mind before I go to sleep. But now what we do when you look at the phone or the iPad, we look at everything and we buddy all those things that I actually do of mine. That’s the problem with the information age, I’m an informatician, right? My thing is I deal with information, big data, but I know the part of runs the data, it cumulation and not have dealing with the problem.

You are doing so many podcasts, right? How many podcasts you want to bring in to island? Is there. I learned that there and then bring it into this kind of issue. So that is completely into that. If you are like that, you know what happens? The mind is so valid, train to calm down whenever you want. You lose it when you read it, but then after that don’t buddy yourself.

In that experience, I saw you were watching a sunset today. Don’t compare it to something else. Just be it, the sunset don’t name it don’t compare it. And jive experts after that is then next one you’ll be present.

Clément: [00:40:08] What is it about our kind of obsession with bringing our thoughts, to be more powerful than what we’re experiencing?

So for example, let’s say I’m outside and I’m taking a walk maybe with the dog. What is it about our way of life that is allowing us to, or somehow provoking us to, to get. Clogged with these thoughts while there’s so much to see already, there’s already so much to experience right now. Why do we feel obsessed with thinking about things that aren’t even happening right

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:40:53] now?

That is the proud and conscious. I’m conscious of who we are and we’ll let our continuously operating tar against then from the fullness to sleep . But as an input, you’ll have a lot of meetings as a physician. You don’t know if I’m the clinic hospital, I, her meeting with the patient meeting with the nurse  so you go there, right?

And you will be doing a lot of this continuously, and you’ll never be on the big two as you’re driving your mind in fifth again, and then you’ll go home and again, TV and all these things that fed lack of information to us. Current disease. Listen, the BMA is when I came in only three drugs, half an hour in the evening that said we can only get you maybe on the radio then in the morning when they get up or do you do your first pick up the devices?

So make us establish in that constant now worse energy, which has taken its own life. So when you go there, you are with the dog pay attention to the, that. Why don’t you just pay attention? Do the people that are on  pay attention to the atmosphere, experienced that and all your senses, right? This other sense, which I call the car is dominating so mad that is making you conscious of all these wonderful things.

Say the lake was there for that girlfriend for 10 years, so many more or less fast. She has a board. So there, she took it to a lead data, but she had missed the, all those more like experience.

Clément: [00:42:44] Do you think that’s why meditation, for example, and yoga. As an actual exercise because yoga in the Western world doesn’t mean anything about what it’s, what it means in the, in India or in, in that area of the world.

So do you think that’s why these things are becoming a lot more trendy now because people are actually starting to wake up to the valley?

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:43:07] Yeah. I think a lot of people are doing yoga that is only physical partner doing, whereas that’s also good. You can make a physical part also part of this awakening process.

Like for example, if I’m making you do something, do this or their hands like this  okay. And as you raise up, take a deep breath, take a deep breath, the breath that open saved from that from, and then as you go down, we to one clinician.

That’s it that does that simpler busted out product. And what been you do it, you don’t think anything, you just pay attention to the aid coming on the bedroom.

you’ll pay attention to the air going. That means you ought to being, in this moment you are being present. It wasn’t you do you mean the present and that becomes, that’s the thing. Be aware, do complete inhalation, exhalation, and also alignment. How the alignment in both sides, cadre yoga. So I’ve written this off that brings your practice much harder.

And this I do this in the morning. I have the presence. Then I carry that like a perfume through that activity. Even when I’m talking to you, I’m a better, I am what I am doing. Cool, man, to what is our subject? What are the questions? If I take you all the way to a

poem and all it says, once you are in a yoga, VAW you go, you will be complete. What does it mean? My consciousness connected to the infinite consciousness. That is really all God, all this body preparation, mind preparation for that. That is what the yoga was in mentor for. You have mistaken. It’s not just here in India.

Also, people are drawn to this. That as equally mechanical, as equally deviating from the original purpose as anybody else. For me, that respect onward is to one, this consumer culture has inward all of the work and we are all one in that. Do

Clément: [00:45:43] you think we’ll ever be able to balance modern technology with the ancient yeah.


Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:45:50] I have done that. I am a high-tech person and also high touch. My, my, most of my practices. High-tech high-touch I don’t know what all those blaming more the culture is. Everything I am saying is you did not understand the barking culture properly. You should be at work. You have the iPhone. I haven’t control of this iPhone.

I phone doesn’t drive me. I drive my iPhone. That sounds really hard to have, but then if I’m not in charge of myself, How can you be in charge of something external? So this is this a commercialism consumerism. Materialism has shipping all the consciousness side and pull down. For example, I think it is a document tick on it.

Go ahead and take a look at that and vote on the happiness index. What they had was they had water, I think is the one that illustrate or where the question, what do you ask? What they did was they were, their culture is only full cruelty, simple, but all excellence. I’ve not needed. I’m already contingent with what I have.

I’m happy inside. And that culture talk till the time the governor garnered allow this high-tech Monte coming there. Then we’ll make the satellite, another sound. These people left to their culture and they became addiction. Also the problem they used to have, what’s called a gross happiness index here.

We say grass, product index, or their grass happiness index. And it’s really fascinating if you look at it as well as I love my lectures, you can take a look at the YouTube. It is there, but the, basically what I’m saying is it’s not the coated coming in. It’s how we are their fruits and adapting them blindly.

I would tell you, it, it basically I allow American football, I’m a as fan I’m in Chicago. So I was I enjoyed so many seasons on that. So I have an affiliation to that. This is my team we weren’t doing when we’re on together championship, that kind of things. What were you go there, but there was something behind it.

I learned how entertainment is making us more mechanical. What pressure would enter more height when we win. And then when we lose, we take both of them equally. So the entertainment industry, maybe good for the players who are being physically, emotionally kind of test and all that. But the people who are entertained by watching others screen are on the ground.

They are not really helpful by it because they are encouraging the lecture because once they sit down and enjoy art at home and then get involved in this mind process seeking pressure from having this, and that does become a major addiction. Once I saw that I could enjoy, like I was enjoying the football anymore because I haven’t discovered something deeper, much better.

So I don’t have to watch the games anymore. I find that I’m in a bliss that is top of this, but people think, oh, I’m working so hard. I have to go and see a Molly and an extra X at nighttime. That’s the mistake. Not really funny. Or this one, some other violent, some other you’re absorbing all that disorder in society through the films.

And we think

but that is really destroying our capacity to be awake and aware in the present.

Clément: [00:49:55] Sure. If you could. So here’s how I would talk about that. If you were to spend 50% of the time that you allocate toward entertainment on just simply being alone with yourself, doing nothing, maybe just meditating or just walking or just, out in nature.

I feel like that would be transformative just so transformative.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:50:22] No, I, didn’t not doing 50 bus employment started the 5% that really lead to that. The only thing is you have to be a kid on a consistent basis. See there the three principles in spiritual learning, any like any culture, the same thing.

First of all, listen to what is being told to you. You don’t have to accept it. Listen, act of listening has to make conflict. What is clemency? I have to listen then listen, if I don’t have my own preconceptions going in and I can send something new, you are safe after listening. Take that and examiner don’t believe it going through to find out what’s true topic.

Why don’t see your doubts that are clear and only exited here. Truth as a tactic

somebody else said you should not accept it. You aren’t examiners by yourself. You have the intelligence, then you’re hearted. You accept as truth after your own examination. And then you say, is that to yell in my life?

Clément: [00:51:41] I think that’s a nice resonance between being self-aware and also having a certain level of critical thinking to be able to help.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:51:51] I said it important that thinking is really important. Not according to the authority as the truth that somebody said, that’s the truth. Now you heard to say that his weight is that daily white. Okay. Is that Moonlight? Is there tranquil water I’m on the board? Is that ? Yeah, I didn’t day enjoy that in my life.


Clément: [00:52:16] irony is that I feel like the irony is that critical thinking comes from that three-step process. Like critical thinking is. A product of being able to fully listen, fully examine and then fully decide. And

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:52:33] then she doesn’t think Kate, but in Tusha appealing, then you are part of the plan with the patient.

I guess I listened to the patient, but he should feel that I’m listening.

If I getting a deal, I would just step up there better I’m listening. But if I’m listening to you, I have a similar identity to see you thought my own mind operating critical thinking is a good to break analysis and do everything external. You can not have played that to the subjective feeling. So you are going on a boat on the lake and that more life you are experiences your experience.

Should I say critical thinking, and it’ll give you that. Now, if you keep off the critical thinking, then you have the experience quality, or they acquired firsthand experience. This is from the quantum mechanics, you can go to the strands and they will probably debate that material experiences something because of the spark of consciousness is Korea for standard experiences, yours.

I can describe it. I can say this is a very should be, but when you, who is experiencing is you, that is your subjective experience. If you only to thinking you have this personal experience.  I see, I go out to the dog and immediately I see a big dog coming from there. Emerging. I’m afraid that my smaller dog is going to hurt the dog out of that.

The moment you go there, they go greet each other that they are friendly. That’s what happened to my dog. We had a, I ran for 60 days. We had a shoot

but when he goes there, we used to be afraid of big dogs had coming. But when they came, they both are friendly and then they get it, then we’ll go. So it’s the kind of critical thinking interfacing with our human experience. That’s certainly part of it. See critical thinking came because we out in the forest, we wanted to build a house.

We want something then that’s okay. We won’t have visitors. All these facilities, everything are making our life easier. But not to isolate us from the life itself.

I think that’s what happened. Gets bad grade. Okay. Just take some time in the morning when you go. Am I seeing all the beauty that share on me? Am I awake to that? I may have to that. Am I conscious to that? That simple step will introduce you back to the beauties that are like, you are ugliness too, but either of them are the same side of the same coin, different sites, ugliness and beauty, but then we can fill it with the larder beauty.

If you are aware of it. I think we are missing out on our example, you go out and somebody says, good morning, they don’t mean good money. They would just say good. Say there was a, I’m fine. They say, but they made me miserable. But since then I am fine. It is the life and

ask them just to give them a smile. And then they like the spot December is Monday. And then they may also smile by them. Big smiling,

Clément: [00:56:21] big, even the smile. Sometimes there’s not a real smile. You’ll walk past someone you’ll smile and they’ll do it. Yeah. That

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [00:56:29] politeness that in their own prison, off the park.

That don’t think that can work. We don’t identify a minute is important. It’s very important for us to discuss things, make things work and all that. But right now I have to be stuck with that. If I can make a stool or the hood, I can make a stool or to work, but what is the big deal about just something we’ve painted?

I think that’s what happened to that issue sweater. They were really in touch with the nature. We somehow lost that. But in getting back into our life maybe planted key our garden today you can children in a big rock are then look at your own spouse. Anybody. With that kind of as to ask cliques of them without any critical analysis on that, then you are touched with the beat, they feel it.

Then you are accepting with all the pros and cons. You not accepting them because they have the beam. And that is actually unconditional love. When you haven’t conditioned self within you, you cannot be it. You’re only wanting them that way you are then funding your convenience. But once they’re out of that, they have a different taste than you.

You’re like pineapple. They’re like mango. I don’t like you because you’re like mango. How does the surgery do things? You’re hard to think like me, otherwise, I won’t accept you like point this, wipe the like-minded is only tarts at this critical thing that made a difference for me was there are two types of meditation.

One is Monroe layer, and that is a Monash Manola means when there were thoughts go up, we suppress them, slow them down, and then they come back. You’ll have thinkings or hi, you weren’t really from there, then you weren’t quite done. You sit down, breathing audio, sit down, do some monthly, whatever you’ve got and then it comes.

But this maneuver you is severe. You don’t have that coming up again. It’s always live there. What does this mean is you figure what is dark? How does it come? Initially? We are in silence. Okay. I would doubt that silence. They starts cup, but our parser. So now you see, we cannot discover the silence. This restlessness of dark goes down and  obviously when you see me, I’m not a Donald person, but when I close my eyes, my thoughts are quiet.

That is the master. You will get all part by understanding what you say, you go, what is their mind? Is it really existed of mark? Then you find now that there is okay, you go structure there. So I made out of tar tarts and that Tufts, so you can allow them to go cloud in the sky. Don’t involve it in them.

Don’t let them pass like a heart beating hearts have been in the mind, but if you have a goal, you want to think certain of it. That is fine. But if we want to have images and things about people, that’s the problem. So you and me, with a darker data that you have an impression about me that comes into your mind just to watch naked come find you, right?

Yeah. Once he’s gone, I’m still there. Where do you live? Is gone.

Clément: [01:00:31] Yeah, no problem. I think that is one of the biggest problems with being able to be. Fully conscious is that you allow your emotions to somehow cloud your presence. You identify with them and you resist them. Many times. Resistance is terrible.

It’s I am a big believer in energy and the channels of energy.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [01:00:57] Yeah, that’s the only thing that’s present only energy. So energy is the only one that’s present and we mess it up by interfering with it. See you. I still also talked about energy, M C square, this energy Tesla, Dr. Ward. And Tesla is a fascinating figure.

If you’re industry they’re not. So in shitty India stock, and I saw one energy, and this is what I talked about last week with my friends about how to not to deplete our energy. I could teach you from morning till evening. You can be in have that lasting image. It’s not something difficult. We just have to see the perspective and examine it.

And if it is then practice, for example, you will have some people depleted energy. The moment you see that, because you heard an outcome or said that you don’t agree with each other, that you hate his guts. So you don’t want to, you don’t see it. How some people like that. And then boss decks is warranting what to be done this way, or do you know?

It is true if you work this way and then you get frustrated because you’re going to fail. If you follow his path, then you are blamed for failure. So you’ll feel frustrated and the Nutella, and then you cannot leave the job because he needed the job, but your energy is going to, what do you do then?

You’ll have to see your old energy depleted by hanging on to his image. You should data enough to know the proper job and the priorities that then show him. Say, this is what I said this week is good enough and I’ll take it somewhere to the end a few days profitable. Otherwise  there was so many bosses like that.

So how old were you predicting learning? Depends upon what reactions you have to the external area. Yeah. As a house case, when I go there, there’s so many patients, but our office, I have some data other one 17 like that who would distribute our job is to go and see what their problem and are they with other people in do all that.

But then these people, first of all, they’re reluctant to take new patients and they cost that. And then they go with an accurate offer that dumping work on me and then all that energy is going down by the own interference. But if you go there, the more the merrier, I want to solve this paper.

That’s why I’m here. Let’s go and enjoy my Saturdays. And do you go there and you are happy and you are doing the patient care, a patient efficient that he gives you and your back too. So I ended up the day you are full of energy, not depleted. Ali would have to say there is something like ever lasting energy.

Clément: [01:04:16] That is fascinating. I’m sure that would be an entire episode or more by itself.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [01:04:24] Yeah, yeah.

Clément: [01:04:24] This is a great I think this is a great topic to end the conversation on Dennis like that everlasting energy. As a, an end goal and it all stems from everything we talked about before.

I’m really happy that you came on, it’s such short notice and it’s been a really comprehensive conversation about consciousness and self-awareness and, that traditional IRA, Vedic principles that I think, many people don’t know about them, but they’re fascinating. So I highly recommend if anyone’s watching or listening to this, that to look into, where can people get in touch with you and find you if they should not.

Dr. Rao Kolusu: [01:05:02] I just found a company called be a pal and I’ll see it be a friend, but then there’s hidden submitting that being is just be yourself. That’s what we talked about. Be your conscious of it. Yes. Yes. Please be in the present. And that is P attention to every action Ellie’s been loving, not asking for love.

You will be the loud, know all these things towards consciousness, happiness, inside, and how we can manage our body and mind better. But people come, it’s simple request. Like I want to feel better in my body. I want to stretch the smelter. I teach them from beginning to advanced, and if you want to take further into what is the real yoga, what are the intricacies I would take them to.

So I’m really one-on-one consultations if the people want it. And I’m reading the Saturday mornings nine 30 central, I do the this  association of good people. You learn how to bank with anything. You don’t have to convert to anything. Not of it just be good people association talking about this type of work to life.

Like we both taught, that’s the kind of thing I do every Saturday. I started in last January, given that when the pandemic is breaking down and I first just started like a giving inflammation as a physician to everybody what’s going on, what’s happening. As I followed at the hedge fund managers hex and the field, not so that I know that his condition other , I bring them and expect them.

But at the same time, the spirituality and the side brain. Yeah. So that they can take back cases, do that in that life.

Yeah okay. At nine 30, I think you can come on the agenda. If you want to, that you can enter the ID, if you want to. Maybe other people can, ID is eight two five seven zero two five zero as for these two seven seven two six nine. That does Saturdays 9:30 AM central time in the us.

So it’s fair enough. I don’t know what time it would be in the UK. But that’s the time I meet people and also on a fenced-in on clubhouse at 4:00 PM central and bring that up. Ridiculous. And then today we started this California clinicians club. I mean they made, they got, I thought I was going to go there as a participant, but that made me mind.

I didn’t mind sharing where I think a lot of people came and we had a very good time that is called MD practice. How the healthcare staff say the motto of the things we continue that

Clément: [01:08:05] thank you so much. Been a real pleasure.