I always knew I was a dancer. My Mom has pictures of me at five years old, dressing up in costumes and dancing all over the house. I’d watch music videos on MTV with my sisters and I’d dream of being a backup dancer for artists like Britney Spears. When I was fourteen I started dancing hip-hop.

By 2001 I had joined an ambitious dance group and in 2011 we came fourth in the World Championships. I was a front line dancer and choreographer. I was living, eating and breathing dance. It was my passion. That was my true love.

When I was 24 I met my ex. We worked at a restaurant and he did this thing once where he called up reception where I was the hostess, and asked me out. He was the first guy I had ever noticed making an effort. The friends I still have from my highschool days tell me “Rosie, everyone at school was interested in you. But you were just so intimidating.”

Within two weeks he told me he loved me. It turns out it was his first relationship too. We were in our twenties and high on experiences we should have had in school, but we ran with it and made the most of it.

When I got to LA to fulfil my dream of being a backup dancer, we were still in our honeymoon phase and all I wanted to do was to go back and snuggle up with him.

He asked me to join him for a vacation in Guatemala and without hesitation I packed up and left LA. I gave up my dreams in the name of love, and we spent the next few years together before calling off the engagement.

I regret not staying in LA to pursue my goals. I was good enough to land the gigs. With that said, I don’t beat myself up about it. At the end of the day we shouldn’t look at life decisions as mistakes, but rather stepping stones to success.

I remember thinking “it took me 24 years to get into a relationship with one guy, how am I going to find someone else to love me after this?” But things are actually better now. I do everything I want to. If I want a 20-dollar t-shirt, I’ll buy it. If I want to go to Italy and eat gelato, I’ll go. Life is good.