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Today I interview Carla, one of the most interesting and energetic people you will ever meet. Pure fire mixed with intelligence and beauty, Carla is a statistical anomaly in a world of people moulded to keep in line. Her story is one of empowerment as she tells me stories of the fearless life she’s lived so far, where her travels have taken her and the childhood experiences that put her on that path. Listen to this episode if you’re wondering if there’s more to life and what you can do about it.

DIARY OF A WOMAN is a collection of interviews with women of all backgrounds from around the world. We investigate what it’s like to be a woman living today, uncovering wisdom in their stories and building bridges from relatability.

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Episode Transcript

[00:01:48] Carla: So, um, my mom is Mexican. My father is Filipino. Both are from half Spanish families. I am three blood. My father was born in Manila from Filipino mother and Spanish father. I’m from Latin America, because my mother’s from Mexico and the Latin’s from, from Europe, are the Spanish. So I can consider myself completely Latin.

[00:02:12] Clément: Where are you born?

[00:02:14] Carla: I was born in Spain and I grew up mostly in Spain until I went to Ireland because my English wasn’t good. So they sent me when I was 10 years old. Um, for a few years, then I came back. Then, then I went again, then it’s then from my, since I was 23, I think, um, I spent my life traveling until now.

[00:02:39] My father moved to Barcelona when he was like seven, he used to go back and forth from Manila. Like those Filippino Spanish families.

[00:02:50] Um, but basically he was, he was Catalonia. Right. And then my mother moved to, to Spain when she was 17 years old. Um, because. Their family was kind of complicated and, um, moved here. She paid her whole career in journalism and, uh, she working in a visa or she was studying as well. And then she met my father in Barcelona, but then they moved to Madrid.

[00:03:21] My father built a company golf company. My mother are working. He just still works in the Mexican embassy.

[00:03:29] Clément: So it sounds like you had a really cultured childhood. Like you went to Ireland to learn English.

[00:03:36] You went to a good school. You went to good university. 

[00:03:41] Carla: We moved to. Um, when I was like nine years old, we moved to, uh, outside of the Madrid city center, like, um, in a very, very beautiful place, a lot of horses. Um, I grew up around horses basically. That’s what I wanted to do. But then I decided to study because it was a little bit worth it, but basically I traveled a lot with my family, um, around everywhere.

[00:04:06] We went to Asia, we went to Africa, we went to. north America, Europe, et cetera. So we did a lot of traveling, even maple this as well. So I was a very international child. Yeah. So it was, it was nice growing up. Then they divorced, it was complicated. So basically I lived. Since I was 15 years old when my parents divorced, I basically lived alone because, um, I, my mother built a house in front of my father’s house.

[00:04:45] Um, and then she basically moved in with her boyfriend and they only came like, Few times in a while. And so I lived alone in front of my father, so I used to go with my laundry and can I do my laundry here and with proper words to get the food bag, but it was, it was nice, you know, to live by myself, such a young age, working and doing a lot of sports, basically.

[00:05:13] So it was nice. And then I went to the university in Madrid, which is called crawlability business school, called the Sikh. It’s quite good. Cause, um, at the beginning, what to another university, because they paid for sports scholarship, but they didn’t pay anything at the end. So still they owed me the money.

[00:05:35] So I changed to a very good work city and then finished there. And then as soon as I finished, I just flew away.

[00:05:43] Clément: I really want to ask a few questions here. So you, you moved into your own place at 15 years old. Yeah. What, how did that happen? Cause that’s not a usual thing to do. So I was just curious, first of all, how, why, so why did your parents divorce?

[00:06:01] What was the, why do you think it was? Why did they tell you? 

[00:06:04] Carla: No, no, well, I saw it right. I lived it. I was the one telling my mother, I just get a divorce. Um, my mother is quite, um, Quite aggressive in the way he communicates, even if he’s an amazing person, um, he’s just bipolar, like. So it continues from being very happy to being very aggressive in like two seconds.

[00:06:31] And you don’t know what happened there? Um, he, he wouldn’t take any, any medicine. He wouldn’t take any therapy. He, he thought it was our fault and it was okay to be very mad at one time telling you, uh, I don’t know many, many, many risks things and then giving you a hug and it was every day. No worries. No.

[00:06:49] So that burned a little bit. The relationship between my mom and my father, I was not an easy child cause my sister was easy, even though she had a few problems. Cause, um, she has, um, a little bit, uh, of. How do you call it softly and well, she’s not very intelligent, right? So, okay.

[00:07:17] Call her retard, but she’s diagnosed with a little bit of unintelligence and I have to say in English anyway. But she was a very shy, very calm child. I was a completely, the opposite day was. I was horrible. I mean, I was scaping from my window all the time. My best friend, when I was like 14, 15, she had 24.

[00:07:44] She picked me out with a car. We went everywhere. So it was a complicated. So they used to argue all the time because my mom wanted me to be like free and nice and whatever. And my father wants me to be like in, at home family. So I, I was the one causing a lot of those arguments. Um, but yeah. They divorced.

[00:08:03] And so my mother and I went to a flat for a few months until the new house. Cause she, when she divorced, she didn’t get anything from my father. She just wanted her like, um, we had like, uh, how do you call it? Like the terrain in front of my father’s house, where she would, you know, do her own. House. So she got that.

[00:08:28] She made her house. And while that we were at, uh, at, um, at a flat and she met, um, the current boyfriend she has today. Right. Um, wonderful Argentinian guy. Incredible. So she used to go a lot weekends and then more and more and more Atticus. She just moved in and then the house was built. And then I moved to the, to that house.

[00:08:54] And there was almost no one there, right there just a few times, maybe just weekends or whatever, but the weekend Ty was out. So it was, it was, um, Cause, um, I had father with, um, to service, um, th th th the gardener and the, the cleaning lady intern there 24 hours. So I was there with my laundry and then there with my food and I wanted to everything.

[00:09:20] So it was very comfortable growing up alone.

[00:09:24] Clément: Do you think that, uh, having that period. You know, even though you were 15 years old, right. You’re still developing, but not really developmental stage, which is earlier, but you’re 15.

[00:09:35] Right? So do you think that that really helped to change your perspective on life? Because you didn’t always have, you know, parents around you telling you what to do when to do it, you kind of had more freedom and independence?

[00:09:49] Carla: The thing is that first of all, we have to, to, to see me as a child, very focused on sports, right?

[00:09:56] Cause I was spending like almost 10 hours per day before and after school, um, in the horse riding. Was he eating their dinner there before the going to school, everything. So I didn’t have much of a social life per se with my schoolmates. Right. I used to go out of the school and go fast to, to horse riding or whatever.

[00:10:20] Maybe I lose some days at school just to be horrible and very focused on international horse riding and competition and everything. So it was like all the weekends going to one place and other ones. So I was already very focused and very independent at the same time. Um, I had a military professor. We was, was, you know, Completely squared in many senses.

[00:10:49] And then when, when they divorced, I started going out, you know, going out because, um, I have my sisters who sold her, have my sister’s ID. We don’t look the same, you know, there’s a matter. So in the night, every night and then gold oversighting and whatever. And I just have like one girl, best friend, and then a lot of friends, but one girl, best friend, she was 24.

[00:11:15] So I was never my age. I used to get really bored with the people of my age. 

[00:11:21] Clément: Right. I just think that, why do you think that is? Why do you think that happens? 

[00:11:27] Carla: No, I have no idea. Um, but it happened when it was really, really small, you know, they used to tell me off whenever I used to do something and they always forgot that I was the youngest one there, but I was very, always very active.

[00:11:41] I was very curious. I never stopped learning about everything. Um, I don’t know when I never. I dunno. I, I never wanted to like lose my time. So maybe I, I grew up a little bit faster because of that. I have no idea. I can not recognize the why, or maybe I was just ahead of my age. 

[00:12:01] Clément: Did you ever feel like when you were doing the horse riding, like you were losing that time or was it something you thoroughly enjoyed?

[00:12:10] Carla: No, no, I was assault c’est with it. I’m a person that obsessed with things, right? I’m, I’m obsessed with learning. I’m obsessed with sports. I’m obsessed with the animals. So it’s like, for me it was happiness, absolute happiness, and I’m obsessed with winning. So for me, training to win was amazing, right? It was this satisfaction completely satisfaction.

[00:12:35] So it was good on it was really good. 

[00:12:39] Clément: So when you went to the new university, the second university, 

[00:12:43] Carla: yeah. That’s when I started focusing, I sold all my horses. I really left everything about competition, about the horses.

[00:12:52] And I started focusing on, on really, you know, Trying to study. I mean, kind of, because I had like four jobs when I was in university. So it was very hard for me to give it time. Or 

[00:13:11] Clément: why did you have four jobs? Like what, how did that happen? That’s not normal.

[00:13:18] Carla: Um, it can be normal. I mean, I wanted many things that I couldn’t pay, so I just, they wouldn’t give it to me because for my parents, it wasn’t, I asked they give no, that was never the case. So what am I motorized? So going by it, I want that, whatever I go and buy it. So I wanted many things and I like, I’m like being busy.

[00:13:41] I don’t like being there. So, um, I did many things. I was. Teaching self-sabotage all the stuff I wear, um, doing the, the, the normal, the normal, typical advertising production and everything. Um, then I was launching, uh, a brand, a clothing brand. As well for one 

[00:14:07] Clément: of my friends, 

[00:14:10] Carla: one of my friends asked me to, to, to do that.

[00:14:13] And I said, yeah, of course, if it’s your money, I don’t care. I’ll do it. Um, and then I was also training horses at the same time. So before competition, but that was only in the morning. So very hard, very early in the morning, right? Like, yeah. Yeah. Well, I was like sleeping maybe five hours per day. Yeah. 

[00:14:42] Clément: Yeah.

[00:14:42] Oh yeah. Well you can do that when you’re younger, I guess. 

[00:14:46] Carla: Yeah, not now. Right? Like have be an active, but I don’t, I don’t know. I’d have to be very motivated though. 

[00:14:56] Clément: What did you do once you, what did you do once you got it?

[00:15:00] Once you graduated? What, how did you decide what you want to do with your life? 

[00:15:06] Carla: So I was thinking, what should I do after university? Right. Cause I, I was thinking about a masters or an MBA or something. Yeah. Then I thought, I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to do. I mean, I like a lot of things, but I am not sure which one and I don’t want to get the specialization in something that maybe I don’t want to do later.

[00:15:28] So for me, like, it didn’t have any sense. And my mother at that time, she told me why don’t you go and talk to them? My best friend, or like they have, um, three. Three boys that they, three of them work in my previous industry. They were amazing traveling everywhere on it, but I didn’t exactly know what they were doing.

[00:15:50] So I sat with one of them and he told me, man, you are completely what this kind of companies are looking for. What you will, what you can expect is to be traveling, to meet all the most important people in the world. Um, B happening things to you that you can not even imagine to imagine, to earn minimum 4,000 US dollar just when you start plus, everything paid houses of $3,000 are in places where, you know, $3,000, for example, in an Argentina, it’s like crazy.

[00:16:23] I lived too. I had the app digging in ethical. How do you say it in English? The 

[00:16:30] Clément: opera, 

[00:16:32] Carla: the loft in, in both Kitchener. I mean, it was like crazy. Right. So I said, yeah, like that, that’s what I want to go around and learn about everything and meet people and go to parties. And. You know, and sell, which I love it.

[00:16:50] So I said, wow. Yeah, you sold it to me. I made for it. So I applied for that job in the most, the biggest of the companies, which was AFA Paris at that time, which what basically did was, um, marketing of nations. Basically they go to a country, they interview all the most relevant, important people starting from precedent, ministers and CEOs of big companies.

[00:17:14] They do. We do our research on the, on the country. Um, and then we, we actually, they finance, um, pages, let’s say in time magazine, fortune magazine, Washington, post Newsweek, or whatever media we select for that country. Right. So. Really fun. You learn a lot and I’ve been to a lot of places, but at that time, so I wonder.

[00:17:46] I cannot imagine. I, I lost count on the amount of interviews that I did cause we were at a lot of people and they were really selecting and selecting selecting. Then after intelligence test emotional, like, um, how do you call it? The personality test? Um, selective training, whatever I was the last one snapping 

[00:18:10] I went there and they said, wow, you’re completely what we’re looking for. But your English needs to be a little bit more business. And I was like, no way, wait, there they are. Wait. So I decided to take a gap year. I went to Australia. I had the best time. Cause then I was working only three, three days per week.

[00:18:31] I paid everything three days per week and I was doing horse riding, like my dream, right. B torsed, riding and traveling and whatever, learning English. I got the proficiency and the business English. I went back there after you. I knocked the door. And I said, here, here you have it. My proficiency and my business English, there you go.

[00:18:55] Now you can hire me. And they said, wow, I did again the selective training. And again, I was the last one to stand at you. It was, oh my God, no, only the selective training, because you can not imagine the process. You know, so only this training, which normally we start like 15 and there’s only three. Like crazy selective training.

[00:19:21] So I went there, I was like, fuck, how can you do this to me? I already did it. You already said yes. Anyway, I did it again. And I got in. So I started at, I don’t know, 24, 23 years earning four thousand dollars going all around the world. You know, when you’re that age, you know, like everything is paid.

[00:19:45] Plus you have like $1,500 allowances, all the transport, all the everything. So it’s like, oh my God, I have these to spend. So I went traveling everywhere while I was in the project. I did everything. So I went to Argentina. Then I went to Mexico. Then I went to Costa Rica, Mexico, equatorial, Guinea. I did Kuwait.

[00:20:11] I did Philippines. Well, we met, I did, uh, Taiwan. I did to Dubai. I did Indonesia, Malaysia, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, some 

[00:20:20] Clément: stories. Tell me some of your, cause you’ve got some really crazy stories. I love the Mexican cartel story, but you tell me the, uh, 

[00:20:27] Carla: oh, I have one good in Mexico, but it’s um, Mexico was the place I didn’t want.

[00:20:33] Cause honestly, I was having such an amazing time in Costa Rica that I was crying. But I have crazy things, crazy things. I mean, Crazy things. But most of them, I rather not speak of them because there are 

[00:20:53] Clément: many 

[00:20:53] Carla: important people, like many important people, so the job is basically going to a place, getting an interview. with I dunno, President Macri or President Guillermo Solís or whatever President then all the ministers. I remember in Argentina in the, in the attic, cause we had a huge terrace with a swimming pool for us having almost all the ministers of Macri government, just when Macri won the elections.

[00:21:25] Just down. We had the, terrace with Cristina Kirschner and she was being processed for all the things. She malinversión of the funds or whatever it’s called in English and the word throwing away, all the things like food and to Christina’s house. And I was like, stop it It’s horrible, but like kids, right?

[00:21:51] Like kids um, at the same time, Argentina was very fun because I used to hang out a lot with the President person, director of the central bank of Argentina. And it was, it was, he was a burning man guy. I remember there was a lot of party and it was my first purchase. I didn’t give a shit because I wasn’t getting that many commissions.

[00:22:19] So it wasn’t my responsibility. So when you don’t have responsibility, you can have fun. So I went there to the meeting, hanged over as hell with my sunglasses. I went there. I said, hello. I started doing, and we had a click It was so fun. Like, I mean, we had a click like I know you’re a burning, man. He had a whole wardrobe just for burning man costumes. I mean, it was amazing, right? Things like this happen all the time, you get invited to everywhere. Um, you know, uh, it happens to you, a lot of things. And then when you travel around and remember when I was in Taiwan, we went one weekend to Cambodia.

[00:23:08] That was, I think the best, one of the best weekends of my life. So I, I don’t normally drink that much, but I’m an espresso martini girl. I love espresso martini. I mean, you put me espresso martini in front of me I’m like yeah! It activates me more. So it’s complicated.

[00:23:27] So basically, or you went to, to a place where you cleaning like a bar and the door was like a Coke machine. So you’ll put the Coke machine and then you went in and then what was the whole bar cocktail bar? I express like express. I went with my gay, my gay colleague and a Panamanian girl. So imagine my gay colleague is Colombian and my Panamanian, uh, trainee which was

[00:23:58] crazy Latina, you know, and then me we arrived there with my Tinder dates that I got, you know, to show us around, we got fuckers and then we went there and then Cachalia, I started talking with the owner and the owner of Cambodian beer. Right, right. He got us a Rolls Royce. We started like hanging around with everyone there, everyone Italians, I put, like I’d said to everyone hung around because it was a big table in the middle, which we sat there.

[00:24:38] And then when we started. Crazy. And I was already a little bit trance. I started dancing salsa in the middle of the, of the table and everything I didn’t. And the Cambodian guy was like, what the fuck? What is this? So keep his phone. And he said, I’m going to call you in 20 minutes. I’m like, are you thinking I was so drunk?

[00:24:56] Okay. Okay. Let me have fun. Whatever. He called 20 minutes later. And he said, there’s five rolls Royce in the door at the front door. Take everyone out. We’re going. So we went partying all around the best places, everything reserved. Amazing bottles. I don’t remember a thing. I just know that happened because I have it on my phone, typical stories, but I have no idea whatsoever what happened that night.

[00:25:28] Clément: So you can see yourself in the videos having fun, but you can’t actually physically remember it. 

[00:25:34] Carla: Even when Tinder date had fun. I didn’t know what night, whatever we went. Yeah. I know I slept with that guy because I woke up, no, my friends woke me up. Like, we’d have to take a plane to conquer what? And I’m like, oh, wow.

[00:25:51] Okay. okay. I slept with that guy. He was gorgeous. I have to say the first time I saw him, he was like a guy from Morea and from New Zealand. This big exotic guy. And I was like, yeah, well whatever, all my friends, the gay guy and the Panamanian girl, we love him. So it was, it was good. It was a yes, but I had no idea what happened that night.

[00:26:17] I just know that I woke up beside this guy in my hotel and my friend’s banging on the door saying, Hey, we have to go. We have to take the plane. So I did my backpack really fast when to take the plane when to anchor. So the beautiful ankle that we took it to talk. And then we went to the pub street. It was horrible.

[00:26:41] Everyone was in sighted places like the music was inside. You couldn’t hear at all. So I don’t know what I did again, the alcohol’s speaking for me. I took everyone out of the, of the, I think. Flash mob, whatever. I have four, um, wedding proposals for that day, I went to a group of gay guys and we started dancing on the street like crazy.

[00:27:14] So everybody gathered. So at the end, what they did was take out all the alcohol, started serving outside and take out the speakers. Right? Cause we were all out. Nobody wanted to be inside anymore. We were having such a blessed house set. Well, again, crazy. No, but like this, this happens a lot. Like last summer I went to, to the boat, whatever we hired a boat, eight girls.

[00:27:44] Four guys, captain eight girls at the end we finished. I don’t know. What I did. We finished in Rafael Nadal’s, big boat partying like crazy, you know, things like that. Yeah. All the time. I don’t know what happens, but when you’re such, you know, in a good mood, in a good vibe things, crazy happens to you basically.

[00:28:10] So when I signed a contract in Cambodia that weekend, by the way. 

[00:28:14] Clément: What would you say is your biggest fear?

[00:28:20] Carla: Depends on, on what, which part are we talking about? Right. Are we talking about professionally? Are we talking about personally? Are we talking? I don’t know. 

[00:28:29] Clément: I think professional stuff is really just part of life. So let’s just talk about life in general. What’s your biggest fear?

[00:28:40] Carla: I wouldn’t say I have a biggest fear, right? I’m not afraid to die. I’m not afraid. I’ve been very close to dying few times. Cause I love motorbikes and accidents happen. Right. But I don’t know. I wouldn’t say have a big fear that the fear of not trying, maybe. The fear of what if, right?

[00:29:01] I prefer to just going, not think about it and then see what happens. I prefer to try. And, but the fear is like, maybe I’m the kind of person who can not to settle. Right. Am I, the person cannot settle. 

[00:29:17] Clément: Does that affect your relationships? Like have you had many long-term relationships?

[00:29:22] Carla: Well look, I’m right now with one amazing guy, which is completely same thinking. So what we’re now going is to relation, to try new things. And he’s just saying he’s been living in five years in a boat, right. Going around. Working like perfectly working from there, doing his own stuff, going around parenting as well.

[00:29:47] It’s like, but yeah, it’s it’s good relationship wise. I never been a girl that likes relationship. I’ve been in loved ones and now twice, but, um, I’m not a relationship kind of one. I never had a boyfriend until now or the previous one. You know, 

[00:30:08] Clément: first love if you don’t mind me asking. 

[00:30:11] Carla: Oh, won’t it. It’s an easy one.

[00:30:13] So, uh, one second. okay. So basically he was a Brazilian, amazing, beautiful person. I fell in love from the first moment I saw him. It was very intense. It was the kind of love, you know, very immature, but very wonderful. Physical, very physical, but also very emotional. He was perfect in every sentence. However, um, um, we had a really good connection in sex.

[00:30:43] Um, but when it came to be loyal, he was hypersexual. So when you have that kind of sickness, you know, like, To say that way. Um, the, the person who really suffers it, it’s the cup. And I have always been a little bit selfish in a way that I, I didn’t want to stay with him being that way. So when he needs to have sex all the time, because he doesn’t want, he needs when he doesn’t have it, he’s hard. Right. All the fucking time. Even if he wants to go to a gym, his hard, he has to put some, some it’s not hard in the gym. I mean, that’s a problem. He has to take pills. No, but that’s a problem that he didn’t know he had until I said, Hey, you need to, you need to look at it because it’s not normal.

[00:31:32] When you go to the gym and you’re here. It’s not when we have sex, when you have sex, like three times per day, like that is not. So I could keep up a little bit, a few months with him. I mean, it was fun at the beginning, but then it was, it was complicated. Then I started traveling and whatever I was, I was not the only one in his bed.

[00:31:56] Um, I got one, uh, chlamydia. I remember my God, I didn’t even know what was that, you know? Yeah, but for me that I go to the gynecologist all the time that I’m very, you know, serious about this. And he was my first like non preservative guy. Cause you know, I never had something so serious not to use condom.

[00:32:19] And he was my first condom fi you know, I was like, I cannot believe this, this situation is unbelievable. So I basically tried and a little bit more open relationship just because I was so in love with him, that, and everything else was so perfect. He was perfect in many senses, but I decided I was too young, you know, to just to have this kind of back then, I was like 25, 24, 25.

[00:32:52] I’m not sure about that age. And I never had a boy. I mean, I have many loves cause you know, to be a law firm here in LA, lawful there, whatever. And now Tinder is easy because you say, Hey, I liked that time. But, um, it, it had always been very efficient. Well, this guy was also like, Two meter Brazilian, you know, amazing, sexy, like very visual as well.

[00:33:21] So I think it was a nother type of love. Um, then I met Pablo, which is the, the current one, but I. From the third month that he’s going to be my, my, my guy, my definite guy. I mean, the guy I’m going to murder in the future because I don’t know. It’s like I told my parents like meet my future husband. He is the one because I never, I never had this connection with very basic things.

[00:33:59] You know, you can have different. Personalities. You’re going to have different. Thoughts about many things, but the basic has to be the same. So your values, your mission, um, your thoughts on the future, what you want, what you are at the end. We are like soulmates, right? We met each other and we were at the beginning.

[00:34:21] I didn’t want anything with him. You know, I was with my friends having fun. If that, whatever, I don’t want to know anything about this guy. And, and he was the, exactly the same. I mean, just after our confinement, I made friends and we were like the most fun group ever because my friends are crazy fun and I’m crazy about it.

[00:34:43] So it’s like you put that all together. You get a group of girls that are like that and potion, you know, one Latina, one artist, one, one very famous one, whatever. Dynamite. So everybody wants them and, and my boyfriend’s side and he said, Hey, girls, come to my bowl. You’re invited. So I spent the summer with them and it was actually like really good.

[00:35:12] So I kept him, I took him to my project in Dubai and then. I left my job cause, um, you know, and they wanted to send me again to Taiwan. I know Taiwan is a one-year project. He couldn’t come. So I said no. Um, and um, I saw I needed it. Really needed a change in my professional career because I was on the top already.

[00:35:38] Right. You cannot go farther than I was in my career. I mean, I can do more sales, but it’s almost impossible to do more. So I was on the top and I said, I cannot go anywhere else higher. And I really wanted a change. Right. Um, and especially because in my, my type of companies, they are, the rotation is sexually.

[00:36:03] But people aren’t don’t cannot hold in this type of job more than one year. They did. It’s too intense. You sleep very little. You have to go to PRS, you have to go travel. You have to meet people. You have to study a lot because you’re going to just go represent time magazine and going to an interview, do an interview and not knowing what you’re going to say.

[00:36:25] Right? You have to know. And maybe you’re interviewing a person who is clasping his whole life completely professionally in biotech. And you have to know about biotech, not just there, but everyone in the world. And you have to be comparing. And you have to have facts and figures. So it’s very at the end. I mean, the last years I knew about everything, so I don’t need to study anymore, but at the beginning I used to spend like two hours preparing each meeting, plus all the things that I had to do.

[00:36:55] So, and plus another one hour study class. You know, it was a lot of work to do a lot of research, a lot of everything. So you really needed to stay more and started working hard. So, but I needed, and, and I saw an opportunity because this guy is, is, is he’s a little genius. Um, I mean he developed his, his own software to automatically, uh, to automize.

[00:37:24] I can add, I can automate Spanish. So I tried to say more difficult than it was to automate his work. And, uh, you know, he’s one of the fuse that are there are doing acoustic technology. Um, and he is the one developing this whole sector, which is going to be huge in a few years because this technology is well-needed everything.

[00:37:48] Every kind of pollution is going down, but I Christic is actually going up. So no one knows how to do the inverse, um, engineering and older, the formal last that it has to be done to actually control it. And these guys developing. He’s um, you know, starting by himself, doing everything and, and developing everything.

[00:38:10] So I saw an opportunity and I said, look, you know, Spain, Spain is quite difficult in terms of, we are very close to business. We are very we’re we’re Europeans. We have a lot of things. Right. And then I need to consider right now it’s going through a real, real, real, real bad moment. So I saw an opportunity and said, why don’t we move or not move, but, but why don’t we try something in Asia?

[00:38:41] And, uh, and it was perfect for me because I decided, okay, now I, I can move on to something that I can focus on, that I can make it grow, that I can be partner. And it’s, it’s going to be my own thing as well, because we are going to be 50 50. So at the end it’s like, perfect. And beside a guide that has worked with, I know he’s good because honestly, NATO, uh, uh, Inditex gas, not throughout all the huge companies here in Spain and internationally have been working with him and trusted him.

[00:39:14] So that means he is something else. Right. He has, uh, many awards, one of them in innovation and technology. So he’s something. We must say, and I said, well, you have to have that something else. And he is the, the noncommercial engineering guy and I’m the commercial person. So it’s like, perfect. Let’s leave everything here.

[00:39:35] Leave your collaborators here. Leave your people here, they know what to do. You already automated your work in terms of you have suffered that does it for you where you lasted one month, maybe before you’re doing it. Now it does it alone in a few hours. So let the people humble that, and then let’s move to Asia and let’s start something new and it’s promoted there without all the taxes that the

[00:40:02] I mean, I think it’s testimony that I met this guy in the middle of the beach, you know, one day he lied about his name and everything. No, because we asked, Hey, are you Miguel? The one of the guitar? Yes. He said, he doesn’t even know how to believe it, that he just scanned me with beers and no guitar. Like he didn’t know how to play and say, Hey, you know, where’s the best thing ever.

[00:40:24] But, um, I mean, now I think finally, I am where I w where I want to be, you know, so I just, I think just lives live when you take it with a good attitude, but not forced, but really feel it, you know, like happiness life takes you very. Very linearly, like, like, like the sea or like a rebirth, you know, just go with the flow because it’s like, like that the, it makes it easy for you when you have a good attitude in everything.

[00:41:00] Um, Even if you have really, really bad moments, you just have to take it as, you know, live and just not be afraid of anything. That’s that’s very good part of it. So yeah, not at the end. I’m I’m, I’m where I want to be. Now we’re taking a, like a little gap. Cause we have to do some here in Spain. It’s been years, he signed it in society.

[00:41:21] Wasn’t in the Spain and I’m enjoying Spain in all the way.

[00:41:29] Clément: Wow. That’s brilliant. What a lovely story.